The 5 Stages Of An Interview

Pre-Interview: The Preparation 

  • Thoroughly research the company and the position if possible 
  • Prepare a list of references
  • Practice your answers to common questions 
  • Prepare questions to ask the employer 
  • Prepare appropriate clothing for the interview 
  • Map out a route to the company and how much time it takes 

Greeting: Critical First Contact 

  • Smile 
  • Make eye contact with the employer, show that you are friendly and confident 
  • Introduce yourself
  • Shake hands firmly

Exchange of Information: Questions and Answer Period

  • Maintain eye contact with the employer 
  • Answer questions with confidence, emphasize your skills 
  • Your interest and enthusiasm for the position shows in your speech, the tone of your voice and your body language 
  • Ask questions that express interest and show knowledge of the company 
  • Avoid saying anything controversial 

Parting: The Exit 

  • Leave in a confident, positive manner
  • Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to meet 
  • Determine what will happen next and a follow-up date
  • Ask for a business card
  • Shake hands firmly 

Post Interview: The Follow-up 

  • Objectively evaluate interview 
  • Within 24 hours of the interview, write and send Thank You Letter
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