Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback


Encouraging frank and open two way discussions on any work related subjects can open doorways to problem solving.


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Giving the feedback


Receiving the feedback


It’s odd how we tend to criticise people in huge detail but rarely praise or encourage with more than a few casual words. But how do you tell someone that they’d benefit from changing their behaviour? Giving any land of feedback (and particularly where it is negative or critical in some way) is a tricky task at the best of times – which is why we so often avoid doing it. Handled badly, a few comments that are meant to be helpful can easily become destructive instead. 

Course Aim

By participating in this workshop individuals will be able to: 

  • Identify the four stages (Understand, Empathise, Listen and Agree) of the giving and receiving constructive feedback cycle. 
  • Appreciate the skills involved in effective feedback giving and receivmg. 
  • Identify your natural communication style. 
  • See how your feedback style can mipact onthe communication process. 
  • Understand how to improve the way you bofh give feedback to others and take feedback m a positive way.